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I am a freelance methodologist with expertise in training social scientists and field practitioners in qualitative data analysis, international social work and participatory methodologies. In those three areas of expertise, I teach courses and seminars, assess and monitor field projects and conduct research and evaluation for university departments, research centres, policy institutes and aid agencies.

I chose social work to make a difference in people’s lives, after having participated in several fact-finding missions on human rights violations in Central America and Asia in the early 1990s. In Honduras and the Philippines I witnessed firsthand the long-standing economic domination of multinationals over fruit plantation workers, in Nicaragua, the devastating consequences of US-back Contras War, in Peru, entire villages being terrorised by Shining Path militants, and in South Lebanon, the breakdown in the social fabric of communities after twenty years of unlawful Israeli occupation. These experiences have shaped, and continue to shape, the way I do social research and conduct social work interventions.

After working in emergency social services and women’s shelters for victims of domestic violence in my native Quebec and later for international aid agencies in war-torn countries, I moved to academia to research the harm that INGOs can do in the name of doing good when imposing Western paradigms in culturally and politically different contexts at Oxford University. I am now based in Barcelona where I am a seasoned instructor at the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). I am also an NVivo Certified Platinum Trainer by QSR International and a member of the NVivo Core Trainer Team who teaches the NVivo online courses. My methodological interests lie in advanced in qualitative data analysis, qualitative evidence synthesis, decolonizing research and participatory methodologies. 

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As a freelance methodologist, I train social scientists and humanitarian practitioners in qualitative analysis, decolonising research and participatory methodologies. I coach research teams, teach doctoral-level courses in method schools and I consult for humanitarian aid agencies worldwide.

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